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Active parents
Children ready for the future!

What about offering your children support with their everyday studying along with achieving English language learning? Let alone STEAM projects on top of that! The For parents only community gives you the absolute solution. The Young Pioneers (e-learning study platform) and Young Pioneers English STEAM (English language e-learning platform) represent the latest in educational innovation for those losing their sleep over the future of their children. Without ruling out the physical presence in the classroom, the students improve their academic achievements – while being equipped with the much essential skills for the future of work –, learn English, and acquire the required diplomas. The most important of it all? All these are achieved in the most efficient and effortless way for parents!


young pioneers

Studying every day is now
a piece of cake!

Young Pioneers is an innovative study programme which prepares children for the following school day. Young Pioneers is not only the solution to the grueling hours of studying which deprive children of precious leisure time, but it also simultaneously helps students achieve their personal goals.

young pioneers STEAM

A totally different way of
learning English!

Young Pioneers English STEAM e-learning platform is an innovative English language learning programme. Based on the flipped classroom method, it offers knowledge while saving students precious time of pointless commutes. This is also achieved due to distance learning through which students practise their 2020 skills.

How much time do I need to study?

Studying at home requires persistence and patience from parents as well as from younger students. Having a clear homework plan

English for Specific Purposes

English for Specific Purposes is a particularly popular area of English Language Teaching. The explosion in demand can be attributed

Empathy and education

Have you ever thought that if somebody is not well, mentally and physically, they cannot enter the learning procedure? Maybe