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1. What is the For parents only community?

The For parents only community is designed for parents who have realised that, beyond the cognitive school load, their children need even more skills to be able to face the professional challenges of the future.

2. What is the For parents only community target group?

All parents and their children are the target group of The For parents only community. The main goal of this community is to help students with their everyday studying, teach them English properly, eventually train them to present themselves appropriately at a job interview or upon entry to a university, and even to train them on the creation of a Start-Up. The programmes part of the For parents only community are the following: Young Pioneers, Young Pioneers STEAM and ROIEDU Global Skills.

3. What are the benefits of being a For parents only community member?

Parents open up themselves to learning and training so as to better understand the ever-changing world around them. Through the training programmes, parents are now in a position to use the new technological and educational means to help their children, guide them, and address any difficulties they may encounter along the way. Regardless of the amount of time parents can devote on their children’s studies, they can easily join an all-encompassing educational program through the For parents only community.

4. How can I become a member of the For parents only community?

You can become a member of our community through our Facebook page and receive updates on all issues concerning the parents’ community.

5. Where can I find the For parents only programmes?

For further info on all For parents only programmes, as well as online registration, please visit: