How much time do I need to study?

Studying at home requires persistence and patience from parents as well as from younger students. Having a clear homework plan is profoundly important not only for the child’s performance at school, but also for the thorough understanding of the learning item, and the related psychological health of the child. Besides, a successful study process breeds confidence in the student.

The amount of time spent studying should depend on the child’s age and the grade they attend, two factors that influence a child’s concentration span and time management abilities.

Other important factors include the place/room where a child studies, other activities that take place before and after studying, as well as a child’s learning styles. Smaller children, especially primary school first graders, need more time at the beginning so that they can get to grips with the studying procedure. Parental participation is also vital. At this age, the parent should decide where homework is done so that the child is not distracted; guide the procedure without intervening; and work with the child to build a homework plan (especially early on), in order to help them create a routine. As soon as the foundations of correct and effective study are laid, the parent can gradually distance him/herself, leaving the child to organize their study independently (always under supervision, as the child is still young).

As time passes and the child ages, the amount of study time gradually increases. However, students who have learnt how to study early on, will always learn faster and more effectively.

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by Foteini Boukouvala, Med Special Education, Educational Programmes Coordinator, hyphen SA


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