for parents only: a school… for parents

The αriston project’s community, for parents only, is suitable for parents who wish to know in which way and with what tools they can support their children in achieving their educational and professional goals.

Parents can be constantly updated online regarding learning difficulties, proper nutrition, children’s exercise and many other fields. Also, by using the free online learning personality tests, parents and their children learn how to be more efficient in the classroom. Naturally, community networking with other parents, child psychologists and scientists specialised in education, enables parents to share their experiences, to gain a better understanding of their children’s personalities and impart their knowledge in a more meaningful way.

What is more, parents participating in the community, for parents only, provide their children with the opportunity to access the electronic study platform which supports teaching, and is developed for students from the third grade of primary to the third grade of secondary school, complete with all units of approved school books, covering all learning styles. At the same time, using the Young Pioneers English – STEAM programme, (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics), students master foreign language learning, and receive C2 level (excellent knowledge) certification after completing a four to five year cycle of studies.

The community programme, for parents only, offers children the opportunity to develop all the required 2020 skills for the future of work, while they also enjoy free use of selected tools, such as Microsoft Office 365, an email account, storage space of 50GB internet capacity and access to Skype for business, for developing cooperation and communication with long-distance users or classmates via teleconference, in order to organise and create group projects.


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